Choux angus beef burger with rosemary mayo sauce
Choux organic smoked salmon with green peas puree and mint

Mini Croissant turkey and cheese
Mini Croissant with feta cheese, peperade and cucumber

Smoked salmon, wild and lemon with multi-cereal bread
Eugenie Club sandwich with grilled chicken & veal bacon
Chicken pesto club with sundried tomato & raisin
Multi colored vegetable millefeuille
Homemade foie gras with walnuts bread and raspberry jelly
Crab club with lemon and mint

Vol au vent chicken and morille mushroom
Vol au vent feta with tomato and basil

Quiche marinated chicken & mushroom
Quiche veal bacon and sundried tomato
Vegetable tart with asparagus, green beans, aritchoke & goat cheese

Verrine Shrimp tartar with fennel confit
Verrine beetroot with goat cheese mousse
Verrine artichoke pesto with baby mozzarella and tomato
Verrine quinoa tabbouleh
Verrine potato sumac and parsley