A delicate open macaron biscuit filled with flavored cream or ganache. The 8 classic flavors are fixed and available year-around. Another range of 4 rendez-vous are seasonal. The Rendez-Vous can be create for special demands or occasions.

Rendez-vous guerande’s soft caramel
Caramel macaroon biscuit, soft caramel with sea salt, caramel mousse, crispy candied caramel and silver pearls.

Rendez-vous pistachio
Pistachio macaroon biscuit, light pistachio cream, crispy praline and pistachio mascarpone cream .

Rendez-vous Kalingo chocolate
Almond and chocolate macaroon biscuit, cocoa grue, traditional French pastry cream with Kalingo chocolate 65%, Kalingo Chantilly.

Rendez-vous lemon
Lemon macaroon biscuit, menton lemon cream, Italian meringue and lime zest.

Rendez-vous passion
Orange macaroon biscuit, vanilla and passion fruit cream, fresh raspberries and heart of meringue